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What’s Going “Down There”? Expert Answers On Vaginal Health Changes In Your 40s & Beyond

July 26, 2023

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Do you ever wonder what’s going on “down there”? As women, our bodies change, and different parts of us age at varying rates. Our health needs are constantly shifting, especially in our 40s as hormones begin to shift due to aging. But many of us feel like we don’t have enough information about the changes that could be happening within our own bodies and how they will affect vaginal health. But what exactly is happening with your vaginal health during this time? Let’s explore together! In this blog post, we will delve into crucial information regarding the topic and share valuable tips to help you comprehend it in a relatable, practical manner. So, if you are eager to gain insights into navigating these changes and discovering long-term relief, stay tuned because knowledge is power.

The Pause and Vaginal Changes 

As women, we traverse through a multitude of physical and emotional changes during different phases of our lives. However, one phase, in particular, stands out, often leaving us feeling unsettled and searching for answers—menopause. 

Entering and embracing menopause is undeniably one of life’s transformative phases. Hormonal fluctuations during this time can give rise to a diverse range of symptoms, causing upheaval in our daily lives. This natural transition signifies a significant hormonal shift, often leading to various symptoms that have the potential to affect our overall well-being—including physical, emotional, and psychological aspects, as well as the often unspoken changes in the vaginal region.

During this pivotal transformative period, it becomes paramount for women to fully comprehend and effectively navigate the changes, as doing so ensures the preservation of optimum levels of health and happiness. By gaining a profound understanding of these transformative phases, women can proactively address their specific needs to lead fulfilling lives.

The Impact on Intimacy and Relationships

With extensive experience in the field of pelvic floor therapy spanning numerous years, I have witnessed a multitude of cases. Particularly during this stage of life, women often encounter discomfort and various changes in their vaginal health, which significantly impact different facets of their lives, including relationships.

Vaginal dryness, often accompanied by itching and discomfort, can have a profound effect on relationships, specifically our intimate connections with our partners. It can lead to physical discomfort during sexual activity, diminished sexual desire, and overall dissatisfaction in the relationship.

Addressing this issue with appropriate treatments and open communication is, therefore, crucial for maintaining a healthy and fulfilling intimate life

Addressing Infections and Imbalances

Another common issue that often arises among individuals is an increased susceptibility to various bacterial infections, including candida (also known as yeast infection) and bacterial vaginosis. These infections can cause discomfort and disrupt the natural balance of the body, leading to further complications if left untreated. 

The decline in estrogen levels, which usually occurs during menopause, alters the delicate pH balance of the vaginal environment. As a result, women become more susceptible to vaginal infections. These recurrent episodes can disrupt the natural balance of the vaginal microbiome, potentially leading to additional complications and discomfort.

Don’t hesitate to seek medical advice and guidance to keep everything in check. Your health matters.

pH Balance and Vaginal Microbiome

I believe in taking a comprehensive approach to address these concerns. Many women have been experimenting with various lubricants to address issues of discomfort during or after intercourse. Unfortunately, these attempts have often proven unsuccessful.

As estrogen levels decline, it affects the pH balance and acidity of vaginal tissue, making women more susceptible to infections. Consequently, many females seek treatment, often resorting to antibiotics or other medications to alleviate discomfort. However, recurrent infections can arise, as repeated treatment can disrupt the vaginal microbiome – the delicate bacterial balance in that area.

Moreover, changes in vaginal tissues, such as dryness and thinning due to declining estrogen levels, can further exacerbate these issues. Additionally, minor tears and skin irritation may occur. Consequently, many women feel that these difficulties effectively diminish their libido and hinder their ability to connect intimately with their partners.

Exploring Holistic Solutions

Achieving a balanced bacterial environment is key to maintaining vaginal health. However, it’s important to delve deeper into the root causes when experiencing imbalances, even beyond the effects of declining estrogen levels. 

Symptoms such as vaginal atrophy, including muscle loss, tissue changes, and thinning, as well as potential pain during intercourse, should be addressed. Rest assured, there are treatments available.

I’ve discovered that these specific vaginal conditions are often interconnected with gut health. When our gut isn’t properly balanced, it can also affect the balance of bacteria in our vaginal health. Therefore, it becomes crucial to dig deeper and understand the root cause of the issue.

Over-the-counter creams and suppositories with helpful ingredients like hyaluronic acid can be really useful. And if you can find them, E3 suppositories (a weaker form of estrogen) offer great benefits for vaginal health, lubrication, and overall well-being. They can even help prevent some infections. There are also prescription options, like hormonal treatments or other necessary medications, that can be used to improve vaginal health.

By taking a comprehensive approach, you can restore optimal vaginal health and improve your overall quality of life. It’s all about addressing the issue holistically and reclaiming your well-being. 

Professional Guidance and Support

If you’re experiencing discomfort in the vaginal area as you approach your 40s, 50s, or beyond, there’s no need to suffer in silence. 

Whether it’s painful intercourse, dryness, itchiness, or overall vaginal pain, both internally and externally, it’s important to know that there are solutions available to you. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to explore ways to improve your well-being. I’m here to provide a free complimentary consultation, where we can have an open and judgment-free discussion about your health.

Remember, it’s crucial to address these concerns and find the answers you need.


Undoubtedly, shifts in vaginal health can have an effect on our intimate relationships. With the right information and guidance, it’s possible to navigate these changes through both holistic and professional means. What’s key is to be proactive about learning about and taking care of your vaginal health before any symptoms appear.  By honoring The Pause, understanding the impact of hormones, addressing infections or pH imbalances, being mindful of diet and lifestyle changes, and seeking support from professionals if needed – we can embrace our body’s wisdom with confidence. 

So don’t wait for things to take a wrong turn “down there” before you take action – get ahead of the game and nourish and protect your vaginal health! If you’d like to start that journey, I encourage you to hop over to my website to join my VIP weekly email list for tips and tricks or schedule a complimentary discovery call so we can discuss how I can help guide you toward beautiful vaginal health today!

Embrace this transformative phase of life with resilience and grace. Your health and happiness matter, and together, we can navigate the journey with confidence.

If have any unaddressed concerns about vaginal health and would like assistance in resolving them, we would be delighted to arrange a free discovery call with you. During this call, we can delve into your symptoms further and develop a personalized plan just for you.

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DISCLAIMER:  The information in this email is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content is for general informational purposes only and does not replace a consultation with your own doctor/health professional

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