Finally, Learn what's Really causing your hormone imbalances So You Can Feel Like Yourself Again.

Discover the root cause of your "mystery" symptoms, and exactly how to restore function throughout your body so you can get back to living your best life.

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As a Functional Medicine Hormone Expert, I help highly-motivated women over 40 optimize their weight, regain energy & restore vitality so they can get back to living their best life.

Balancing your hormones means waking up rested, and having natural sustained energy throughout the day!

More energy

Balancing your hormones makes it easier to reach your ideal weight, especially around the mid-section - wahhoo!

Optimized Weight

Balanced hormones means saying goodbye to mood swings + anxiety, and feeling more happy & stable... yess!

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How does this sound?

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Wife, Mother, nature-lover, athlete, functional medicine practitioner & strong advocate of natural health & healing.

Through my training in Functional Medicine, which studies the interconnectedness of major systems within the body, I've become aware of why some people don't get better despite treatment.

There is often a complex interplay of genetics, diet, and lifestyle that are not allowing for full recovery. By taking a detailed history & using targeted functional lab tests we can get to the root of the issue & create a highly personalized healing protocol that will give you lasting results.

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A monthly meal plan membership designed to help you balance your hormones naturally, with easy-to-follow recipes & shopping lists. 

Self-paced mini-courses on thyroid health, hormone balancing & adrenal health, to help you get started on your own. 

My signature 1:1 program for those ready to completely transform their lives for the better, with functional lab testing & custom protocols.

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Just because it's common, doesn't mean it's normal. 

Chronic fatigue & exhaustion

Bloating & digestive issues

Brain Fog & Concentration issues

Mood Swings & Anxiety

Stubborn Belly Fat

Together we say goodbye to...


To help 5,000 women over the age of 40 shed stubborn pounds, increase their energy, and balance their moods, so they can feel vibrant, confident & focused, and most importantly, comfortable in their own skin and bodies again.

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"I was bedridden with fatigue, anxiety, depression & brain fog, and testing with Angela showed that I have high oxalates, mold, candida, and food sensitivities. Angela has helped me create a healthy lifestyle that will last for a lifetime. "

- Kourtney 

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Come join the active Facebook community of women on a mission to balance their hormones & reclaim their health. This is where I share great DIY tips & support.  

Plus, find inspiration and support from 5,000+ other women on the same journey.

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“I am like a new person! Honestly it has been amazing. My mood, metabolism, gut, yeast infections, and constipation are all better. I am happier and more emotionally steady with my family. I have eliminated medications. These results are worth raving about. Angela absolutely knows what she is doing and it totally works!" 

- andrea

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