As a hormone expert, I work primarily with women in their 40's and 50's to help restore optimal function & vitality as they approach mid-life. Most often this includes combatting symptoms like chronic fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, low libido & stubborn weight (among many others).

While hormones is my main focus, there's a lot involved with naturally balancing a person's hormones, so my expertise spans across gut health, thyroid function, and even autoimmune conditions. 

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Hi, I'm Angela, Your Functional Medicine Practitioner.


To help 5,000 women over the age of 40 shed stubborn pounds, increase their energy, and balance their moods, so they can feel vibrant, confident & focused, and most importantly, comfortable in their own skin and bodies again.

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Angela's Story

Angela has worked as a Health Care Professional, for over 20 years.

Her journey into functional medicine started with a frustration in not being able to help women fully heal their bodies through conventional medicine. Intuitively, she knew there must be more that could be done to help women live healthier lives, full of vitality & joy. 

At the same time, Angela started to experience many of her own health issues, with hormonal imbalances at the center. She went from practitioner to practitioner searching for answers, without much progress. Angela wanted to feel her best again, and wasn't going to accept that this was "the norm" for women as they aged. 

Finally, Angela found Functional Medicine, and things turned around (quite quickly!)

Working closely with a new functional medicine practitioner, she was able to uncover the underlying issues, which not only addressed her symptoms, but also restored her to optimal health.

From this point forward Angela knew she had discovered how to keep herself healthy and vibrant, and wanted this for her clients too.

This is when she decided to become certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, and from there, Angela went on to become a clinical instructor for other health professionals. Today, she is thankful to be living her best life & helping other women do the same as they transition into mid-life.

Angela is a wife, mother, outdoor enthusiast, athlete & advocate of natural medicine. She believes the human body can heal from almost anything given the right support. 

Education & Training

Masters of Science in Physical Therapy

Functional Medicine Practitioner Certified

Bachelor of Kinesiology: Major in Exercise Science

Current Member of Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

Functional Medicine Fast Track, Clinical Instructor

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