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Memory Issues in Your 40’s and Above? Don’t worry. We’ve Got Solutions.

August 11, 2022

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Do you find yourself struggling to remember things as you get older? 

If you’re a woman in your 30s and above, and you’re starting to notice some changes, you’re not alone!  You experience a lot of changes as you age. You expect to go through menopause and watch your skin and hair change. But sometimes, other things happen that we don’t utterly anticipate – like memory issues.

If you’re experiencing memory problems during this period, don’t worry. There is help available! This blog post will explain what might be causing your memory issues and how you can get support to address them. 

Cognitive Function Issues

I love discussing topics related to hormone imbalance and hormone symptoms. These things happen as you get into your forties, mid-fifties, and beyond. It’s a time when the hormone levels shift and change a lot. If you are a woman in this age group, definitely this blog is for you.

Hormone issues come with many different symptoms, and things may surprise you. One of the surprising things is the change in your cognitive function. You feel like they’re becoming more forgetful, thus having memory loss. It’s like having a blank space in your sentences, and you forget words. 

You forget why you’re at the grocery store, your list, and can’t remember. When you get home, you might even forget your plan for dinner. You also forget that you’ve had to take your child to an activity.

You can’t remember what your husband asked you to do. You forget what your boss asked you to do at the job, and just five minutes later,  it’s out of your brain. You see every aspect of your life affected by this memory loss, and you’re fearful. You’re probably wondering if you have some sort of mental decline in what’s happening to you.


You might be getting dementia, which possibly started to set in already. These thoughts creep in as you begin to get these symptoms. Memory loss is quite common for women like you, specifically in the cusps of transition into menopause. It happens either before or after this transition. It can even happen ten years before or after this transition.

You might be wondering when memory loss happens before this transition. You should not be getting dementia at your age, possibly. The reason why it is happening is that the hormone levels are changing for estrogen and progesterone levels. The female sex hormones are on the decline. Estrogen can affect your cognitive focus and ability to remember tasks and words.

Estrogen Decline

Your estrogen levels lower more significantly as you get closer to the transition into menopause. It is often when these symptoms start to crop up. You might consider taking estrogen replacement therapy expecting cognitive symptoms to go away. Sometimes doing the treatment can help women, but it is not sure if it can help you.

These women resort to this option because they want to feel focused, clear, and able to carry out tasks of everyday life and function properly. This option doesn’t help some women where It doesn’t create any more clarity for them. They continue to forget things and have side effects after bringing in estrogen.

Many women report that they didn’t get an improvement in their memory symptoms. They also notice the feeling of having some weight gain, being more bloated, and feel not their best selves. They’re taking something that’s supposed to be helping them, but no progress happened.

Nutrients and Hormones

You may ponder what else you can do and wonder about the root cause. The cause may be related to hormone changes, or there is something else going on. Most often, they are related. Even though estrogen can help you with cognitive function, focus, and attention,  other things can also help.

Some critical nutrients need to be nourished by the body and transferred to the brain for good memory. These nutrients need to be maintained through the long term, regardless of whether you’re in pre or post-menopause. You get these nutrients shuffling to the brain through optimal gut health.

The shifting and changing hormones manifest in this time of life. You will start to notice some signs of suboptimal gut health. You will see more bloating when you get closer to your period.

Other Symptoms

Many women report heartburn symptoms happening more often. These heartburn are not related to meals. They indicated their bowels were not moving well. On the other hand, they are either constipated or have loose bowel movements. There is food on the stools and things that should not be.

There are often symptoms of the gut not being in balance. When your body is not allowing nutrients to be absorbed well, you won’t have optimal brain function. It can happen whether you’re in pre or postmenopause. You must deal with the gut, especially when you have tried hormone replacement therapy, which has not helped you.

With your cognitive symptoms, however, it’s also vital to deal with the issues with your gut to prevent things like memory loss and cognitive decline sooner or later. You need nourishments for the brain to come from nutrients and not just from hormones. You need to figure out why your gut is dysfunctional as the root cause of the problem.

Functional Laboratory Testing

As a functional medicine practitioner, I work with these women always to address these problems. Functional laboratory testing is the main thing I do. The purpose is to understand what’s going on in your system. I find out where the imbalances lie and analyze why you’re not potentially absorbing nutrients. I also check why some nutrient levels are low and unable to support brain health and cognitive function.

If you’re interested to FIND OUT your CONDITION through Lab Tests,  CLICK HERE.

Lifestyle Plan

We develop a lifestyle plan for you, and it’s a natural healing plan to help return the balance in your body. We help you whether your estrogen is declining or low because of postmenopausal. You’re not to rely on your hormones to have good brain health and function for the long term.

You will have an optimal gut function where the nutrients are absorbed properly. It’s also preventative of other chronic conditions or possible diseases developing and accelerating as you transition to menopause. Possible diseases can include osteoporosis, heart conditions, and heart disease. 

Other things can accelerate the changes in your estrogen levels and other hormones. We can also prevent these from happening. We don’t just manage symptoms or just get by. We want to learn where the root causes of these symptoms are. We can repair and heal your bodies so you can have good health, happiness, and longevity. 

It sounds possible, and you are ready to take these steps to learn more about what’s going on in your body. You won’t just try but manage it through hormone therapy or other medication that may or may not have worked in the first place.

Your Chance to Get Better

Always feel free to reach out to me. I love working with women in this age group from 35 to 60, especially those suffering from the symptoms of hormone imbalance. They don’t know what to do and even try every technique. These techniques are available, but they’re still no better.

These women noticed things getting worse. They can use some great lifestyle strategies for their condition as a solution. Once they understand the root cause of your symptoms, it is a vital advantage. It is easy to heal the body for the long term and prevent other symptoms from cropping up as they get old.

Please let me know if you want to reach out. I’m happy to connect with you. You can go to my website. There is a link where you can book a complimentary consultation, where we can talk about your health. 

We will talk about what you’ve tried, and tell me what worked and what didn’t. If it potentially might be a good fit for us to work together to optimize your health and wellness. 

I’ve worked with hundreds. If not thousands of women to help them optimize their hormonal balance, Wellness, and overall health both now and for years to come. And I’d be happy to connect with you and understand if that could be a good fit for us to work together, to help you do the same thing. Please feel free to reach out to me by scheduling a discovery call. I will be happy to help you!

If you’re experiencing memory issues in your 40s and beyond and would like help getting to the bottom of it, we’d be happy to schedule a discovery call with you. During this call, we can discuss your symptoms in more detail and come up with a plan tailored specifically for you.

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