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Achieving Success with Energy and Weight Loss: A client story

March 23, 2023

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Are you approaching or experiencing menopause and feeling less energized, having difficulty sleeping, and gaining weight? You’re not alone! In fact, many women in their forties and older have been through what you are currently going through. However, if this is something that has been weighing (no pun intended) on your mind lately and keeping you from focusing on the things that really matter to you, then I’m here with excellent news. A recent client of mine took a more mindful approach to her menopausal journey, which allowed her to stay focused and realize success with both energy levels and weight management—all while still existing harmoniously inside her body’s changes during this life-altering transition. To get inspired by this incredible journey, please keep reading as I share with you a client story. 

Considering HRT?

Guess who just hopped off a call that left us both grinning ear to ear? Yours truly, with a delightful client who’s navigated the roller coaster called menopause! Picture this: She’s been battling energy dips, mood swings, and a foggy mind, but boy, does she have a tale of triumph for us!

She said she gained 30 pounds, and she didn’t feel like she’d been doing anything different. In fact, she thought she’d been more careful about what she was doing with diet and lifestyle, yet she was still having these symptoms, and she was wondering if she needed to use hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

You know, she wasn’t quite sold on the idea of hormone replacement therapy, but she couldn’t ignore the whispers suggesting her baffling symptoms might just be a conspiracy between her ovaries and post-menopausal life! We talked on the phone. We decided to do something different than just asking her to go to the doctor and get hormone replacement. We wanted to do tests first. The tests will help us understand where her hormones are and how they affect the rest of her body. From there, we came to the conclusion that she wasn’t a great candidate for hormone replacement therapy.

Inflamed Body Systems 

She did some hormone and blood testing, and she also had tests to look at her gut and liver health. We found out that her body was very inflamed. This made her feel tired and not in a good mood. It also made her gain weight.

The inflammation had slowed everything down in her system, including her digestive tract and motility. As a result, everything was sluggish. It is not unusual to have high inflammation in the body when you are going through menopause. There can be many causes of inflammation, but it is often more noticeable during this time.

We figured she needed to get the inflammation down before she would even be a candidate for hormone replacement therapy. You see, when your body is throwing an inflammation party, those hormones you’re trying to bring in can’t really show off their skills. In fact, they might even be party crashers! So let’s keep an eye on those feisty hormones and treat our bodies with care.

Hormone replacement therapy can be very helpful. It can be very good for managing symptoms as you transition into menopause, but there are times when bringing in hormones if the rest of the body is not in balance is really not going to be what you need. They can come with a whole host of side effects and other things that you, potentially, really don’t want to have to happen.

Embark on a thrilling adventure towards equilibrium, with or without hormone replacement therapy, by stepping up your game to tackle inflammation and attain a harmoniously balanced body.

Remarkable and Personalized 

What we did was put a very specific food plan in place for her based on her lab results. I gave her some very specific lifestyle recommendations as well. 

The lady’s adrenals were throwing a serious tantrum—cortisol and all! With her female hormones already taking a sabbatical, her post-menopausal self needed some tender, loving care. We’ve concocted marvelous strategies to get those adrenal darlings back on their feet. We gave her a food plan to help her with some of the imbalances we saw in the rest of her labs with regard to inflammation, and she gained some amazing results. 

She lost 27 pounds in six weeks. Isn’t that amazing? She felt so happy about it. Her energy started to improve. The fog in her brain started to lift as she really started to feel like the best version of herself again. It was amazing to see. All of this is achieved without using hormone replacement therapy. 

Now, she still says she has a lower sexual drive than she would like and is hoping it will improve. 

It hasn’t improved much since we put the plan in place. There might be a point where she can be a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy, so we are going to retest all her numbers. 

We are checking to see how much better her inflammation is. We will look at the numbers from the first test and compare them. Then we will talk about what comes next.

Hormones are Not Always the Culprit 

Discover the thrilling secret behind solving imbalances. It’s not just hormonal hide-and-seek game imbalances. It’s not just a hormonal hide-and-seek game. Dive deeper and uncover the true root cause.

We always equate hormones as the biggest problem. However, very commonly, there are other areas of the body that are out of balance. We just haven’t figured out how to get the balance back in the body, so we decided that hormones were probably the only way. 

Again, HRT can be helpful for some women, especially once they get the balance back in the systems of their bodies that really help those hormones work. 

Craving a deeper understanding of your hormone mysteries? Not sure if you’re the star candidate for hormone replacement therapy or just trying to get some insider knowledge? The quest for answers starts at the root—finding the source of your symptoms. Let’s work hand in hand to craft a bespoke strategy that restores harmony not just to your hormones but to your entire being. Prepare to unleash the vibrant, energetic, and balanced individual hidden away, just waiting to live their best life. Don’t hesitate – just give me a nudge (or visit my website) and we’ll start this exciting journey together.

At the end of this journey, our client’s story has come full circle. Through hard work and dedication to her self-care, she has achieved desirable results that reflect a healthier, more energized life. The beauty of her story lies in how personalized it was because it is not always necessary to treat horrifically inflamed body systems with extensive hormone replacements or pharmaceuticals. Finding a provider who listens and understands your needs is the greatest factor in achieving success. If our client’s story resonated with you and you are ready to explore what remarkable strides can be made for your health, we invite you to schedule a discovery call with us today. We would love to begin your journey toward wellness alongside you!

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