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The Blood Sugar Imbalance & Hormone Connection: 14-Day Low Sugar Challenge

February 16, 2023

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Are you feeling exhausted, bloated, and irritable? Maybe your moods swing from stressed to happy in a heartbeat. Are hot flashes preventing restful nights of sleep? If you’re in the throes of perimenopause symptoms, chances are you’re making some changes to better manage these hormones. But many don’t realize that an imbalance in blood sugar has just as much of an impact on our hormonal health. That’s why we’re going to explore the science behind how our diet, lifestyle choices, and hormone levels influence blood sugar balance, plus provide actionable tips so you can take charge of your own pathway toward achieving a healthy hormone balance. So if you’re ready to learn more, let’s dive into the connection between hormones and blood sugar balance!

I know how it feels

As a healthcare practitioner with over two decades of experience in women’s health, I’m passionate about helping ladies understand the foundations behind their hormone imbalances and find solutions to regain balance. My own history with hormonal symptoms makes me uniquely suited for this task. My expertise comes from both professional studies as well as hard-earned personal experiences. 

Does your monthly cycle involve low energy or exhaustion? If so, I completely sympathize—and more importantly, I know how to help you restore equilibrium! Let’s work together towards feeling like ourselves again—right now and long into the future.

Do these sound familiar? 

Brain fog, headaches, and other issues are never pleasant experiences. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, depression, or mood swings, all while struggling to focus or concentrate, that can be especially hard. You may also be wondering how you can feel like you have a bit more even keel, both for yourself and for your close loved ones around.

As you embrace your forties and beyond, certain changes in your body come along with the experience. You might be feeling frustrated as extra pounds seem to magically appear around your abdominal area, hips, or thighs despite no change in lifestyle habits. “Is this just a natural part of aging?” 

The truth is that it doesn’t have to be accepted! Let us show you how reclaiming control over your daily health behaviors can help counteract the physical changes brought on by getting older.

Don’t succumb to feeling out of sorts and drained; you don’t need to settle for a tired, unbalanced lifestyle as your hormones journey toward menopause. Reignite that spark with proactive steps today!

Overlooked and Not Fully Looked At 

As you go through this transitional time towards and into menopause, there is something I’ve discovered both for myself and also from working with hundreds of women now.

Blood sugar imbalance can have a drastic impact on how women feel during certain stages of life. But with the right strategies, you’ll be able to unlock your best self now and for years ahead.

Women in their forties may not yet realize that a softening in their insulin response occurs in a far more tenacious way than expected. The ability to regulate blood sugar and insulin can gradually diminish, even before forty. 

This deteriorating management of the body’s metabolic process should be taken seriously, as it could have effects throughout the body and wane one’s overall health and vitality. Despite decreasing with age, much can be done, particularly from a lifestyle perspective, to ensure an effortless regulation of blood sugar remains intact and continues to aid bodily fundamental processes as intended. A timely response will contribute significantly to well-being, no matter what age or phase of life. 

Therefore, an adequate strategy should be put into place before any issues associated with reduced levels of glucose control over time arise. We have to change and adapt what we’re doing from a lifestyle perspective to balance our blood.

The reason for this is that when our blood sugars get out of balance, inflammation in the body gets higher. If we have more inflammation in our bodies, it can make our hormones go crazy. This happens because we make less of the hormone as we get older and go into menopause. If our body does not use the hormone properly, it will not be processed correctly. And that’s where we’re going to start to feel some of those symptoms coming in. 

The Need for Balancing 

There are ways for us to track and understand what’s going on. Nine times out of 10, when I’ve gotten women’s blood sugars back into balance, they’ve started to have improvements in all three of those symptoms and even more, not only just now, but for the long term. 

Inattention to inflammation can come with a whole host of symptoms beyond hormone imbalance, so it’s important for women to recognize the impact that balancing their blood sugar and keeping inflammation in check can have on them. With these efforts, there are likely multiple aspects of life that feel improved.

Usually, for women who have some of these symptoms, it’s not just isolated to the hormones. There are other things going on too. 

As a Functional Medicine practitioner, my mission is to ensure that your body can stay balanced and in harmony, now and in the future. Preventative care is key here. I’m aiming to stop chronic conditions or illnesses from arising while helping those who already have one get back on track with strategies tailored just for them so they can reach their utmost potential.

14-Day Low Sugar Challenge

One of the best ways to do this is to start taking action on some of the things that can be at the root of these imbalances.

I’m excited to introduce you to an amazing challenge that will help get your blood sugar levels in check! Sign up now and start on February 20th. It’s so easy, just click the link provided here or join my Facebook group: Functional Medicine for Hormone Imbalances where there is more information available if needed. 

If you haven’t joined it or requested it already, I suggest that you do. You’ll not only see this challenge there, but you’ll also see lots of different resources for starting to learn and understand how you can get to the root cause of your hormone imbalances.

I really hope you’ll join me. It’s going to be fun with lots of awesome women just like you who are struggling with hormone imbalance, but they’re ready to take action. They’re here to learn how to get the balance back in their bodies, not only over these 14 days but well beyond that.

Get ready to have a blast at our event! Not only will you be able to make some amazing memories, but there are also fantastic prizes up for grabs. There’ll be some details coming to you through the emails to let you know what your next steps are going to be. So come join us – it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience! I can’t wait to unroll and unravel the step-by-step strategies to get your blood sugars back into balance.

At the end of this blog post, I want to thank you for choosing to make your health a priority by reading until the end. If you are more serious about tackling these issues and personally working towards achieving a healthy state of balance within your body, then I invite you to join in on our 14-Day Low Sugar Challenge. Participating in something like this can be truly empowering, and help jump-start a new path toward balance within your body. Another option would be to reach out to me directly so we can better map out a plan tailored just for you. If that sounds interesting, feel free to schedule a discovery call with me where I’ll further explain all the details. Taking that first step is always encouraging! So if you feel ready, let’s get going!

Are you struggling to manage the many different symptoms of menopause? We can help! Our Free Discovery Call is a great way for us both to explore if our approach could potentially be the key to relieving your sugar imbalances. Let’s chat and see what we can do together.

Plus, by joining our Private Facebook Community, you’ll connect with other people who are looking for healthier lifestyles – it’s like having an encouraging support network right at your fingertips! 

DISCLAIMER:  The information in this email is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content is for general informational purposes only and does not replace a consultation with your own doctor/health professional

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