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Top Ways to Reboot your Hormones for Optimal Health (Even in Winter)

December 22, 2022

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Are you feeling out of balance and looking to get your hormones back on track via an easy solution that fits in with this season’s demands? Do you want to empower yourself with the knowledge and resources you need to boost your hormonal health while keeping winter days in mind? Don’t worry because today we are here to walk through one of the best ways that can help put a reboot on our hormones – even during these cold months. So, let’s dive deeper into this top-notch hack for helping us reclaim our productivity and restore balance. 

Nothing Fancy 

 There are lots of ways to help your body feel its best, especially as you get older. One way is to move your body often. You don’t have to do anything fancy – just keep moving!

You don’t have to be at a gym doing a boot camp style workout,  working your you-know-what off to try and get yourself feeling like your best self again. It can be as simple as  going outside, going for a walk in nature, hiking,  or connecting with a friend and maybe doing a little bit of stretching along the way.

Ever heard of 20-30 minutes a day is all it takes? Believe it or not, movement is the ultimate key to unlocking our authentic well-being. It encourages positive changes in hormone distribution and helps restore circulation, providing your body with what it needs for optimal performance.

You don’t have to be outside for this to happen. But when we are outside, especially if we can get out in nature, it helps to rebalance the nervous system as well.

A Major Root Cause

Stress can be the root of many health issues, and hormone imbalance is no exception. If we don’t take steps to reduce our stress levels, it causes an overabundance of cortisol which throws off the delicate balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

The sympathetic nervous system signals to the brain that we are in fear: we need to run away from a bear that’s chasing us. So our adrenaline is always lifted. This is, over time, very inflammatory to the body, and can negatively influence our hormones.

The constant inflammatory response doesn’t allow hormones to be processed, utilized, or shuttled to the right places in our bodies. 

The Very Beneficial Exercise 

Exercise can counter that. Exercise is not going to trump and overpower the stress, if it’s really high, it’s constant and there all the time. It certainly can buffer it and it can help with hormone transport.

Some women transition through menopause quite nicely. Probably these women are not under stress every day. If they are, they’re managing it well. They’re doing some of the basics with getting out and moving their body, being out in nature. If you’re not one of those women, you’re probably saying, “Oh, how did that person do it?” 

When we are in nature, it helps us relax. We feel this way because of the parasympathetic nervous system. This is different from feeling like we have to run away or fight because we are in danger.

A Special Pro-Tip

There’s typically more that needs to be done beyond this to customize a plan to help you with your body and your individualized needs. This is where someone like me can come in handy to help you with that.

I am a healthcare professional who helps women understand their hormone levels. I run tests and help women balance their hormones. This can help with current symptoms and also prevent the development of chronic diseases in the future.

We are aware that women, as we get closer to and transition into menopause, are at higher risk for developing  blood sugar imbalances:  pre-diabetes and diabetes, cardiometabolic  conditions, heart attacks, and strokes. There are so many different things that can come up for us if we are out of balance as we go through this transitional time.

Therefore we want to think preventatively. There are things that can be done and the proof is in the pudding.   We need to do some tests in the lab. This will help us understand what is going on in your body. Then we can make a plan for you. This plan will be natural and easy for you to follow. It will help you feel your best self from here moving forward.

If you want some help with that, some guidance and support, feel free to reach out. 

Hormone health is essential for our overall well-being and it’s important to take active steps to support optimal hormone function. While winter can be a difficult time of year for many people, there are things we can do to help “reboot” our hormones and keep them balanced. I hope you found this information helpful and if you’d like to learn more about how you can optimize your hormone health, please schedule a discovery call with me. I’d be happy to chat with you about ways we can work together to improve your hormone health and feel your best all year round.

I’m excited to build a closer connection with you and take steps toward optimizing your hormonal health. Why not set up our complimentary session today so we can collaborate on achieving all of your wellness ambitions? You deserve it. I’d be happy to schedule a discovery call with you. During this call, we can discuss your symptoms in more detail and come up with a plan tailored specifically for you.

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