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Root Causes For Hot Flashes in Women & Natural Solutions

root causes of hot flashes

May 22, 2022

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Wondering About the Root Causes of Hot Flashes?

If so, you’re not alone. Hot flashes are a common symptom of menopause. But did you know that there may be a root cause of your hot flashes that you can address? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the surprising link between the liver and hot flashes in women. We’ll also offer some tips for how to adjust your diet to help reduce your symptoms. So read on to learn more!

I understand that flushes or temperature regulation issues can make you suffer. I work with women all the time who are dealing with these issues. Often what is happening is that they’re waking up several times in the night. They’re waking up either drenching the bed, soaking wet or they wake up with a flash and sometimes it takes several hours to go back to sleep.

The net result is that they would say that they’ve had only one to two hours sleep total throughout the night, basically sleep deprived. This goes on night after night.They’re absolutely exhausted. They’re not able to cope, not able to focus on their everyday life and rarely have any joy in life. They’re kind of just wandering through in a fog. If this is you, then you know what I’m talking about.

I always remember one of my clients that I have worked with. She was so remarkably able to overcome her hot flashes naturally. My goal today is to share with you the top things that I have noticed that are related to the root cause of these hot flashes and what you can do to get the balance back naturally.

One particular woman’s journey with Hot Flashes.

She actually went through early menopause. The average age of menopause is 52 and she went through it at 44. That is definitely quite a bit earlier than the average age. She started to get fairly severe hot flashes, not too long after she went through this transition. She tried so many different things.

She tried every supplement on the market. She tried a bunch of different diets like going keto, low carb, no carb, you name it, she tried it. She didn’t get any of the symptom relief that she was hoping for. She got some improvement to other symptoms, though. She lost a bit of weight so she felt better that way. However, she was in absolute agony with these hot flashes because she just couldn’t manage her life since she was just so sleep deprived.

Now, we started to understand what was going on with these hot flashes and what the root cause was of it. I’ve seen this several times in many other women that I’ve worked with. As we did some lab testing, it revealed that there were some inefficiencies with her detox pathways. In other words. her liver wasn’t detoxifying efficiently.

There was a buildup of toxins, specifically, some heavy metals in her body. This was slowing down the efficiency of her detox process. The other thing that was happening was she had a buildup of some unfavorable bacteria. She had some yeast / candida overgrowth. This was also starting to slow down her detox pathways in her gut.

The combination of these two things was affecting her ability to utilize the amount of hormone that she had in her body. For women, as we transition towards and into menopause, estrogen levels lower and they drop very significantly once you actually are in menopause. This means, whatever estrogen you are producing in your bodies, you want to make sure that the body is utilizing it properly. This can help reduce symptoms like hot flashes and other symptoms that come with the transition into menopause.

For her, I knew that we had to sort this out. We had to do a specific food plan. We had to do some detox for both her liver and her gut. It took her about four and a half months to start to see some changes. She was able to follow through despite suffering night after night for months on end.

She finally started to see some results and she’s now been over eight months and she is hot flash free. Mind you, she definitely considered using HRT to help her with her symptoms because they were so severe. But because she had a family history of having particular cancers in her family, she just wasn’t as keen to start with that route. 

She was really happy she was able to do it naturally. I know this isn’t the same for every woman, but for her, she was very successful with this approach. One of the root causes of having hot flashes that become severe has to do with inefficiencies in the detox pathways. Therefore, it’s essential that we start to break it down and learn to understand where these inefficiencies are coming from. We need to know what specifically is going on. If there is a detox that needs to happen and what needs to be done, we must determine that for every individual. We need to know what we need to get rid of and or what we need to rebalance.

If you think this sounds like you, if you are suffering from symptoms of hot flashes for quite some time now and you feel like it really is wreaking havoc on your life; your relationships, your ability to get out of bed and get your everyday life stuff done, then it’s time to learn more about this. Feel free to reach out. I work with women all the time in this age group, and I love helping them learn and discover where the root cause of their hormone imbalance symptoms comes from. What I love more is seeing them get happier in the long term after these issues are properly addressed. 

If you’re experiencing hot flashes and have been told that there’s nothing wrong, it may be worth getting your liver function checked. You can do this through a simple blood test. If we find that your liver isn’t detoxifying efficiently, we have some natural solutions to help get things back on track. Are you ready to start feeling better? Schedule a free discovery call with us today so that we can get started on helping you feel like yourself again!

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